Town of Upton

Upton was incorporated in June, 1735 with land taken from the towns of Hopkinton, Mendon, Uxbridge and Sutton. It is not clear who chose the name Upton for the town, however it is known that in England there is an Upton which is situated 13 miles south of Worcester. In Massachusetts, the town of Upton, like its counterpart, is also 13 miles south of Worcester.

The main industry in Upton for 100 years was boots and shoes. In 1837 the town’s factories produced 21.7% of all of the boots manufactured in Worcester County. This was followed in 1860 by the making of hats and bonnets. William Knowlton began expanding small shops into a factory considered for 90 years as the largest hat industry in the world employing nearly 1,000 workers. Today, the renovated Knowlton Hat Factory provides affordable senior housing that includes 89 units which allows many Upton seniors to remain in our community.

Some notable residents of Upton include cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney, professional baseball player Walter James “Doc” Curley and American Revolution veteran Samuel Taft.

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