Town of Northbridge

Northbridge was incorporated on July 14, 1772. The town was once part of Mendon, from 1667 to 1726, and part of Uxbridge, from 1727 to 1772. Colonel John Spring led a company of men in the Massachusetts Militia in the Revolution. Many local men fought at Lexington and at Bunker Hill. Samuel Spring, John’s son, became a Revolutionary War Chaplain commissioned in the militia at the Siege of Boston, and also served in the Invasion of Canada under Colonel Benedict Arnold.

Northbridge has a rich manufacturing heritage. The Blackstone and Mumford Rivers run through the town and in the early 19th Century numerous industrial developments were built along the riverbanks, most notably the Whitin Machine Shop in Whitinsville.

Some notable residents of Northbridge include John Spring, colonel in the American Revolution, Ezra T. Benson, a Mormon pioneer, Lou Lucier, a professional baseball player, textile machine founder Col. Paul C. Whitin, professional football player Phil Vandersea, Harmon Oscar Nelson, who the Oscar Award (Academy Award) is named for, American Revolutionary chaplain Samuel Spring and professional baseball player Glenn Adams.

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