Senator Moore has always prioritized the economic well-being of Massachusetts residents. He is committed to relieving unnecessary burdens on the individuals and small businesses that drive economic prosperity.

As a former selectman in his hometown of Millbury, Senator Moore has an intimate understanding of the economic needs of Massachusetts communities. During his tenure as a Selectman, Millbury made one of the most significant economic investments in town history, establishing the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, creating a new commercial tax base for the town. During his first session in office, Senator Moore chaired the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses, where he put his experience to work.

In an effort to promote economic empowerment, Senator Moore served as a member of a Task Force on Financial Literacy. The Task Force consisted of policymakers, educators, banks, and advocates to examine the state of financial education and develop recommendations on how to empower citizens with the resources they need to budget their money for long-term financial stability.


Massachusetts is recognized nationally and beyond for its education system. The Commonwealth is the original home of American public education, and its institutions of higher education are second to none. Senator Moore is committed to upholding the standards and ideals that have allowed the education system to flourish.

Much of Senator Moore’s work on education stems from his role as the Senate Chair for the Joint Committee on Higher Education. In this role, Senator Moore has championed policies that remove the burden from students and their families, making the prospect of graduation more attainable.

These policies include financial assistance programs, like the 30K Commitment, which will allow students to achieve degrees in up and coming fields for less than thirty thousand dollars. The program creates a pathway between community colleges and state universities to take advantage of the tremendous resources already at our disposal.

Senator Moore also knows that there are improvements to be made well beyond the bursar’s office. He has filed legislation to develop better policies to combat sexual assault on campus. The bill was written with the input of countless stakeholders, including the institutions of higher education, advocates for sexual assault survivors, and other state agencies.

Outside of higher education, Senator Moore has led calls for pay increases to benefit the Commonwealth’s teachers, and efforts to expand access to early education. Improving our education system, from pre-k to elite colleges and universities, has impacts far beyond the individual students. Massachusetts has succeeded economically where others have stumbled, largely because the population is so well educated. Businesses are attracted to the local pool of smart and talented individuals, and maintaining this edge is essential to our future success.

Public Safety

As a former law enforcement officer with both the Environmental Police and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Senator Moore has continued his work to improve public safety while representing the Second Worcester District.  He currently serves as the Senate Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Senator Moore is committed to offering law enforcement the tools they need to effectively maintain public safety in their communities.  He is especially cognizant of issues surrounding road and driver safety, including junior operators and driving under the influence.

Senator Moore is a strong advocate for the rights of legal gun owners, and is endorsed by the Massachusetts-based Gun Owners Action League.  During the previous session, he worked hard to protect second amendment rights while enhancing the public safety mechanisms designed to maintain public safety.

Public Health & Health Care

Encouraging healthy and productive lifestyles is an important way to benefit residents across the Commonwealth.  Individuals are often faced with numerous obstacles to a healthy life, from large-scale issues with our healthcare system, to the sale of tobacco products to minors.

As the Commonwealth confronts the mounting costs of opiate abuse, Senator Moore served on the Massachusetts Senate Special Committee on Opioid Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Options which released a report that led to legislation addressing the substance abuse crisis in the Commonwealth.  The legislation further limits the excessive number of prescription pills that become accessible to youth and adults for diversion and misuse.  The bill also contains provisions to hold private companies accountable for their role in the substance abuse epidemic.

Senator Moore has also been a leader on issues of safety in the healthcare workplace.  During his first session in the Senate, he was the sponsor of legislation that made it a crime to assault healthcare workers.  More recently, he has offered testimony on a bill that would require healthcare facilities to implement worker safety plans.

Massachusetts consumers have been nearly unanimous in their call for more information about how their food is produced. For the last two legislative sessions, Senator Moore has co-sponsored legislation that would require the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms.


Senator Moore has a longstanding commitment to environmental issues that began during his tenure as an Officer with the Environmental Police, where he investigated corporate environmental crimes.  His dedication to the environment continues through his legislative and advocacy work today.

Senator Moore has been a national leader on issues concerning toxic chemical safety, advocating for the right of states and municipalities to have a say in their own environmental protections.  He testified before the United States House Environment and the Economy Subcommittee, against a federal effort that would impede the ability of states to establish their own environmental standards and policies.

Senator Moore is a strong supporter of measures to encourage clean energy projects.  He recently installed solar panels on his own roof, and is in favor of lifting the cap on net metering which will allow more Massachusetts residents to access the advantages of solar power. As a member of the Legislature’s Sportsman Caucus, Senator Moore advocates for legislation that benefits the Commonwealth’s hunters and fishers.

As a member of the Massachusetts General Court-Québec National Assembly Partnership, Senator Moore helped broker a joint resolution with the Québec National Assembly in 2015 which directs both governments to examine the possibility and feasibility of incorporating Québec’s hydroelectricity into Massachusetts’ energy portfolio.  Aside from the potential cost savings to consumers, this initiative also aligns with the Commonwealth’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% before 2050.